What are the challenges of professionals?

Majority of professionals are challenged by the consistent change in the market for the search different opportunities. Roles and functions are very dynamic and the pre-requisites of available opportunities are changing over time. This is observable in the market as several industries are evolving and are gearing towards a better and functional organizations.

What are ideal industries to maximize one’ career?

Various industries offer valuable growth and competitive compensation packages to employees, even to entry-level functions. Ideal industries for professionals to apply to would be the BPO and Shared Services industry – given that there are a lot of opportunities available in these organizations. Job seekers can also seek employment from the Finance and IT Software & Technology given its market stability and consistent growth over the years.

What are booming industries in the Philippines?

Booming industries in the Philippines cover various career opportunities not only to professional but also to fresh graduates as well. Different forecasts and various projections have been created to evaluate industries to validate the expected market performance for each. Booming industries in the Philippines would be the BPO/KPO Industry, the IT and Software Industry, and the Finance and Banking Industry. Other potential industries are the Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry, Automotive Industry, and the Real Estate Industry.

Why Masters & Doctors?

Masters & Doctors highlight how one professional can be competent and efficient for the available opportunity. It also aims to help job seekers create a valued representation of themselves and focus on their growth in the organizations that they have worked for.


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